Our pre-nursery programme focuses on foundational journey of informal learning in your children’s preschool journey. Your little ones are introduced to child-friendly activities at Aptech International Preschool that develop their social skills and motor skills.

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This is the time when your child starts exploring the world outside home, start making friends, and start enjoying the early days of life. Also, this is when they are introduced to early days of formal education. Therefore, the tenure in pre-nursery should comprise creative learning methods, fun activities and skill development techniques.

The primary objective of pre-nursery program at Aptech International Preschool is to aide easy transition from pre-nursery to nursery. At this stage, children develop learning skills, communication skills, gross motor skills, language skills, and maths skills. Acquisition of these skills is important because it leads to brain development of children. Our trained teachers and caregivers ensure that your child carries on these activities under their guidance and with enthusiasm.

Pre-Nursery programme at Aptech International Preschool lays emphasis on developing social skills and sensory stimulation of your child by focusing on building:

  • Better peer relationships
  • Sensory stimulation through hands-on activities
  • Active exploration
  • Learning from live experiences
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  • Promote cognitive development in every child
  • Build learning and communication skills
  • Build language and math skills
  • Promote child development through scientific approach
  • Teach through interesting fun activities
  • Encourage every child to participate in sand play and water play
  • Dedicate time for story telling
  • Help improve relationships with peers and parents at school, home, and neighbourhood.

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