Nursery programme curriculum at Aptech International Preschool offers children an experimental learning environment through pretend play, real world experiences, and observations to nurture their ability to learn.

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Best online preschool
Nursery curriculum programs

This is the stage when your children starts interacting and socialising. They start playing with friends, learning new things, experimenting with toys, and enjoying the company of their closed ones. Aptech International preschool’s nursery curriculum designed by our curriculum experts provides children with hands-on learning experience and helps them achieve early learning goals. The classes for nursery students aids in nurturing their ability to explore their goals through field visits and pretend and play sections.

Children in nursery class are taught to recognise numbers and alphabets and to read, write, count, and solve puzzles through fun and interactive activities. They also participate in drama, dance, and music contests and shows. Field visits and pretend and play sessions are included in the nursery curriculum to nurture your child’s ability to explore and learn through experiences and real time observations. We at Aptech International Preschool encourage decision making, self-control, numeracy skill building, and planning and completing assigned tasks.

Nursery programme curriculum at Aptech International preschool fosters:

  • Independent thinking
  • Decision making
  • Self-control
  • Communication skills
  • Pre-literacy and numeracy skills
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Nursery classes near me
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Top preschools near me
Best preschool for kids in India



  • Foster independent thinking and decision making
  • Help develop communication, literacy, and numeracy skills
  • Assist your little one to improve imagination through music, dance, and art
  • Engage your little one in preschool activities like sand and water play
  • Organize field trips to enable learning through practical experience
  • Celebrate festivals and special days in the school and day care

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