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Best online preschool
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Aptech International Preschool has a fully equipped activity centre. There are summer camps, winter camps, field trips, and regular fun activities for children. The activities are scientifically planned to nurture them and promote their brain development. These are conducted under the guidance and supervision of teachers and caregivers. Block play, water play, sand play, clay art, painting, drawing, yoga, and role play are some of the activities conducted.

These activities have been crafted not only to keep children occupied, but also to build confidence and improve their social and communication skills. The activities promote bonding amongst children and enable them to learn in an interesting and fun-filled manner.

Summer camps, winter camps, and regular fun activities help foster:

  • Independent thinking
  • Making friends and becoming socially confident
  • Develop a proactive and positive attitude to learning
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  • Promote independent thinking
  • Help your little one make friends and become socially confident
  • Encourage your little one to develop a proactive and positive attitude towards learning
  • Help your little one learn with toys and games

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Aptech International preschool

The Activity Centre at Aptech International Preschool organises the following fun activities for children:

  • Summer Camps
  • Winter Camps
  • Regular Fun Activities
Aptech International preschool
Aptech International preschool
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