We offer custom-tailored programmes for children aged between 8 months and 6 years. At Aptech International Preschool, we provide a safe and secure environment for your child to learn and grow. Such an engaging environment also encourages your child to explore different learning skills with the help of age-appropriate preschool curriculum. Here, your child gets an excellent opportunity to grow up and develop their skills with the help of early childhood education programmes and under the guidance of well-trained staff and teachers.

Best online preschool in India
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Why preschool is good for kids

Our preschool curriculum is a blend of six world renowned philosophies- The Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Playway Method, 21st Century Skills, Project-Based Learning, Integrated Learning using STEAMS, and Reggio Emilia Approach. Our programmes are designed in a way that encourages hands-on learning experience along with audio-visual learning. Preschool programmes at Aptech International Preschool also include theme months, various playschool activities, and a child-centric daily schedule. By doing this, we ensure your little ones stay encouraged while we make learning a joyful experience for them.

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Best online preschool in India
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Best Toddler Programs for Kids

This programme is designed for both you and your toddler and encourages bonding between both of you. It also strives to familiarise your child with the preschool environment, which leads to an easy transition to Pre-nursery.

Best Pre-nursery Programme at Aptech International Preschool

The pre-nursery programme at Aptech International preschool encourages your child to explore new learning methods and build their motor skills. The programme tries to familiarise your child with the preschool environment, which leads to an easy transition to nursery.

Kindergarten course curriculum

At this age, your child needs ample care and encouragement towards learning new things and interacting with their peers. Our team of smart and dynamic preschool teaching staff provides your little ones with the opportunity to interact socially and develop their communication and literacy skills. Keeping this in mind, we at Aptech International preschool encourage decision making, self-control and numeracy skills while preparing an age-appropriate preschool curriculum.

Kindergarten program near me

The Kindergarten programme at Aptech International preschool offers a wide variety of learning and fun activities. This engages the natural curiosity of your child to learn new things, explore new fun learning methods, which in turn stimulate their creative skills.

Kindergarten classes near me

This Kindergarten curriculum and assessment plan of Aptech International preschool intends to encourage your child to learn science and mathematics in a fun and interactive manner under the guidance of experience preschool teachers. The kindergarten programme is designed in a way that gives your child a sense of belonging as they explore and discover new things around them, while preparing them for high school.

Childcare programme at Aptech International preschool

The childcare programme at Aptech International preschool has been specifically designed for working parents. This programme aims to provide a home-away-from-home environment for your child under our expert caregivers. It offers your child an individual space, and healthy meals and snacks supervised by nutritionists. It also ensures a safe, secure, and stimulating learning environment, for your child when you are away at work.

Best Activity Center for Kids

Aptech International preschool has a dedicated activity centre that organizes summer camps, winter camps and various other fun activities on a regular basis. These activities have been crafted keeping the age group of your child in mind. These regular fun-filled child-friendly preschool activities help foster:

  • Independent thinking
  • Making friends and becoming socially confident
  • Develop a proactive and positive attitude to learning

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Best Preschool kids Learning App
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Stimulating early childhood programmes for all early childhood learners

Early childhood education experts say that the earlier you send children to school, the better it is. And, at Aptech International Preschool, we offer a host of early childhood programmes to nurture children and enhance their abilities across age-groups from their early years.


Admission procedure at Aptech International Preschool
Admission procedure at Aptech International Preschool

Activity Centre


Our Summer Camps, Winter Camps, and Regular Fun Activities offer an array of benefits for your child. At camps, your tot gets to make new friends, learn social skills, build confidence, participate in physically challenging, artistically enriching and intellectually stimulating programmes, and above all have fun while doing them.

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