Our Curriculum

A stimulating, engaging, and energetic curriculum

We understand that young children have a very limited attention span. This often makes them anxious and wary of school or any kind of learning environment. We, at Aptech International Preschool have crafted a curriculum exclusively by early childhood education experts to ensure that children have a joyful learning experience each day!

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Enriching experience for your child

Best Preschool in India

At Aptech International Preschool, we provide an enriching experience for every child. We ensure they become smart learners and talented individuals.

  • The programme curriculum at Aptech International Preschool is planned with term-wise themes and a child-centric daily schedule.
  • An immersive learning experience is provided through Augmented Reality sessions and AR enabled books.
  • Children get an opportunity to learn a foreign language (Spanish)
  • We organise events like Family Day, Pet Day, and Grandparents’ Day to name a few. It strengthens the parent-teacher and student-teacher bond.
  • We provide preschool infrastructure of the highest standards*, which includes air-conditioned classrooms ozonised with multi seasonal areas.
  • We provide a spacious child safe outdoor area which has:
    • Ball pool
    • Sand pit
    • Entertainment zones, and
    • Play equipment
  • Non-toxic wooden and educational toys
  • Comprehensive library for easy access.

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Enhanced support for you

Tips to set up own preschool

Open and transparent discussions with parents on early childhood education and feedback on every child.

A progress tracker has been introduced that captures observations by teachers. The tracker includes:

  • Portfolio of art-craft and worksheets, group projects and documentary etc.
  • Qualitative assessment with joyful anecdotes
  • Quantitative assessment through an assessment card

Parental Involvement:

  • Parents interaction via parent teacher meetings and regular updates on every child’s preschool activities
  • Parent-teacher Interactions are fostered through:
    • Weekly Summary
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Communication Diary,
    • Smart App for parents
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