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The preschool sector in India is growing rapidly and Aptech has leveraged its experience in the education sector to achieve market leadership in the preschool business. Aptech International Preschool is one of the leading preschools in India that is providing quality education to toddlers across the country. With the incorporation of modern-day preschool curriculum, Aptech has been successful in expanding its horizon in the preschool business.

The opportunities at Aptech International preschool

Aptech International Preschool offers a smart, secure and stimulating learning environment for children aged 10 months and above. It also and an enriching experience for children. Our preschool offers unique features that break market clutter in this space. Those are:

A.C.T.I.V.E curriculum

Access to A.C.T.I.V.E curriculum help children learn as per a CURATED program. It makes them TECH SMART and ENERGETIC while helping them develop LIFE SKILLS.
  • Integrated Learning using STEAMS
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Project Based Learning
  • Play Way Method
  • Theory of Multiple Intelligence
  • Reggio Emilia Philosophy
Trust and reliability are the main factors to consider when choosing a playschool or daycare for children. Aptech is a renowned, well-established, and trusted brand in the training and learning space. So, choosing Aptech International Preschool is the natural and an ideal choice for parents looking out for a playschool or daycare. It provides enhanced support to them by open and transparent discussions, progress trackers, parent teacher meets, monthly newslettters and regular updates on child’s activities.  

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With a profitable chain of tech-enabled preschools, Aptech is known for its 360° approach to learning. Aptech has been around in the education space since 1986 and has a lot of experience in the franchisee business. Aptech offers end-to-end support in setting up and operating your business. As a franchisee of Aptech International Preschool, you will receive:

*Note: Return On Investment may vary based on the geography and size of the centre.

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