How to make this Diwali special for your children?

Diwali celebration for children

The house is sparkling clean, new clothes are waiting in the cupboard, the smell of sweets and savoury snacks wafts all over the house. And now all we have to do is wait for the big day. For children Diwali is a time to receive gifts, burst crackers and to gorge on sweets. Here are a few ways in which. . .

Fun with numbers: Introducing children to maths

Preschool learning

Here, there and everywhere. Numbers are omnipresent and there’s no escaping them. So, it makes sense to catch them young and introduce children to Math. But Math can be scary for some of us. So how do we get rid of the fear factor and make Math fun for our children? Here’s how! Tell a tale When it comes to. . .

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