How do we ensure cyber safety for our children?

Cyber safety for kids

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops… and the list of gadgets that give us access to the Internet keeps on increasing. While it means convenience for us, it also means exposing ourselves to the dangers of the cyber world. As adults we try to keep ourselves abreast of ways to protect ourselves, but what about children? They fall under the high-risk category and the younger they are, the more vulnerable they are. It is of prime importance that we take steps to ensure cyber safety for our children. Here’s a lowdown on some ways of doing that.

Be around when your children use devices

Your physical presence will deter your children from making inappropriate use of the Internet. Moreover, you can make sure that screen time curfews are met without getting carried away. In fact, one way to keep tabs on how screen time is being used is by watching something that you and your child can enjoy together, at least occasionally.

Parental software

The next step is to install parental software in your devices. This kind of software works in multiple ways. It not only allows you to keep tabs on your children but also allows you to set content and time filters. This enables you to know what is being accessed and to control it.

Communicate with your children

When it comes to cyber security, often parents believe that the children are safe just by installing software and other fail safes on their devices. While this is necessary, there’s another simple, traditional way of going about this. Talk to your children. Make them aware of the perils of the use the internet. Make sure to assure them that this is not to scare them but to teach them to protect themselves. If they are aware, you will be to enlist them in your effort to keep them safe and your task is made simpler.

Be Aware

Awareness is the best tool in your arsenal. Find out about cyber laws. Read up about how cyber predators can lure children. For example, make sure that your children do not reveal personal information such their address and their phone number to strangers on the Internet. Once you become aware, make your children aware too in a non-threatening fashion.

Set rules and abide by them

Finally, everything boils down to this. Rules need to be made and clearly explained to your children. But if they are not implemented firmly and consistently, children will not follow them. Decide consequences for not following the rules and be sure to hand them out when there’s an infraction.

The Internet is unavoidable in today’s day and age. But what we can avoid are the perils that come with its usage.

 What are the steps that you take to help your child stay away from cyberbullying? Let us know in the comments below.

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