Fun with numbers: Introducing children to maths

children to Math

Here, there and everywhere. Numbers are omnipresent and there’s no escaping them. So, it makes sense to catch them young and introduce children to Math. But Math can be scary for some of us. So how do we get rid of the fear factor and make Math fun for our children? Here’s how!

Tell a tale

When it comes to introducing children to the four basic operations in Math, there’s no better way to teach children than to personify the operations by giving them interesting names like Addsingh and Multasingh. Go ahead and weave a story around the characters and then get your children to enact the story. Within no time your children will have learnt the operations.

Sing along

Write simple lyrics for a song involving mathematical concepts and set it to a tune. Better still, ask your children if they would like to set it to a tune of their choice. Gather a few pots and pans and other home-made instruments if you can’t play a musical instrument and belt it out with your children. This is one of the best ways to have fun with Math.

Fireless cooking

These activities have such an immense scope for teaching different mathematical concepts. Use measuring cups to teach counting. Or cut veggie slices and have them count those. Bake a tasty pizza or a yummy cake and see how fractions become a piece of cake. Use your imagination and cook up a number storm in your kitchen.

teaching tables

Throw it to me!

This activity works best while teaching tables. Take a bean bag or a small ball which is in the hands of one of you. Stand or sit facing your child. Each one of you alternatively, calls out numbers starting from one. When you reach a multiple of three, instead of calling out a number, throw the beanbag or the ball to the person facing you. You could try this with any number and tables become fun instead of becoming a chore.

Measure for measure

Introduce children to measurement by getting them to measure rooms in the house using a string. Or get them to measure your height while you patiently lie down using blocks or any other uniform sized articles you can source for them. They may not be able to tell you the measurement in numerical terms but they will understand the concept of length. Similarly, the concept of volume can be taught by filling a tall glass with water and then asking them to fill the water contained in that glass into two or three smaller glasses.

Lead the way and show your children that Math can indeed be fun!

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How would you introduce your child to Maths? Share your ideas and tips with us in the comments below.

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