Fun-filled activities that dads can enjoy with their children

active and fun
Image courtesy: Orlando Paintball

‘It is a wise father that knows his own child’ said William Shakespeare. And it is a lucky child who has the chance to understand and bond with his or her father. Every father can spare some time on the weekends for their little ones to strengthen the beautiful bond. Here are some ways to celebrate this precious relationship.

1. Plan an outing

It could be to a park where you and your child can play catch, run around, roll on the grass and have a great time. You could take along a picnic basket of goodies and have a picnic under the shade of a leafy tree.

2. Have a blast with colours

Spend an active and fun-filled day indulging in a paintball session with your child. No better way to bond with your little one then to team up together and have a blast with colours.

3. Building blocks of love

Some activities can help develop your child’s motor skills. Welcome this opportunity to build this important relationship by getting out that tool box and building something with your child. It could be a bird house to be placed in the balcony or a shelf for books. If that sounds too much, just build a fort with boxes, blankets or even pillows.

4. Cook up a storm

If having a meal together brings people together, cooking does so even more. It could be a simple dish like sandwiches or a yummy indulgently rich cake, cook with your little chef. The time you will spend together in the kitchen, will allow you to talk and laugh and understand one another better and to add to that you will have a delicious dish to show for it.

Cook up a storm
Image Courtesy; Santiam Hospital


5. Paint a room

Choose a wall of your child’s room and paint it together.  One of the best and easiest ways of doing this would be to do palm painting. Dip your child’s palms and your palms in vibrant hues and create your unique design on it. The palm prints can be turned into trees, birds, animals or what you will with a line here and there.

6.Play along

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the joys of theatre. There are so many plays meant exclusively for children. Take your bundle of joy for a play or even better for a lively, vibrant puppet show – something that both of you will enjoy.

Play along
Image Courtesy: Events High

Your child will have a lot of fun at his daycare or preschool. But, it is important for both the parents to spend quality time with their children to ensure that the child feels loved and cared for.

Make it about both of you because years from now while walking down memory lane you will look down on these times and will find your heart glowing with love.

Did we miss any interesting father-child bonding activity?  Let us know in the comments.


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