How to prepare your children for preschool admission

Preschool admission process

The preschool admission process is often dreaded by many parents since the process seems to be lengthy and time-consuming for many of them. Knowing about the preschool admission process makes it easier for parents to train their children for preschool admissions. Below are the five effective steps parents can follow in order to get themselves and their children prepared for. . .

Online learning for pre-schoolers – 8 ways to enhance virtual learning

Online Learning for Pre-schoolers

One of the most significant challenges that parents face amidst other demanding situations is the effectiveness of the online classes for pre-schoolers during the lockdown. With limited social gatherings and excessive exposure to digital gadgets, online learning for toddlers is especially demanding. With pre-schoolers on board, virtual learning invites many hassles in the parents’ lives. Nevertheless, parents, we have listed. . .

Factors to consider when selecting the right preschool for your child


As a parent, the selection of preschool is very important since preschool is the stepping stone on the path of studies and thereby, future of children. A child in today’s world needs to be confident and comfortable among other children to concentrate on academics and other extracurricular activities. A preschool is the first place where children get to be alone. . .

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