5 important things children can learn from their grandparents

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Grandparents can make for some of the best teachers in the world. They love their grandchildren unconditionally, overlook the mistakes for which they would have taken the parents to task, and have a wealth of experience that they want to share with the little ones.

As Grandparents’ Day approaches, let us take a look at what children can learn from their grandparents, sometimes knowingly and sometimes even unknowingly.

1. Values and morals

In a world where the trend of both parents working is on the rise, it is often the grandparents who keep a watchful and doting eye on their grandkids. They observe their behaviour and correct them when they go wrong and praise good behaviour, thus reinforcing the foundation of a strong value system, a sense of right and wrong.

2. A strong imagination

Children love listening to stories and grandma’s and grandpa’s tales are a hit with them. While going to bed, eating a meal or when bored on a rainy afternoon, these colourful stories always come to the rescue. Whether the tales involve kings and queens, fairies and gnomes, or imaginary or real animals, when children listen to them, their imagination blooms. Through the images presented to them, they are learning to navigate the world around them.

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3. Empathy

It is important that children be able to put themselves in others’ shoes. And the earlier they learn this, the better.  With grandparents around they look at the difficulties that senior citizens face and learn to empathize with them. In the process these children become more compassionate, kinder human beings.

4. Practical knowledge

Most of the formal education leans towards theory and sometimes what practical experience can do, theory just can’t. Whether it is learning botany in the garden, or chemistry in the kitchen or maths with knitting, with the treasure trove of experience that they possess, they can bring alive boring theoretical lessons for children.

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5. Discipline

Disciplining with a loving hand seems to be the mantra of grandparents and it works like magic! Where children might put up resistance to their parents, grandparents achieve resounding success. They have their tricks of cajoling and coaxing their grandkids into listening to them, without scolding them. Unlike behaviours learnt out of fear, such habits of discipline stay with the children and help them become better people.

There is no doubt that children learn immeasurably from their grandparents. So, on this Grandparents’ Day let us acknowledge the presence and contribution of these wonderful people in our lives.

Do you have more to share with regards to what grandparents can teach children? Leave them in the comments below.


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