5 fun activities to keep your children engaged during the long weekends

Fun family activities for children

A long weekend calls for fun family activities where both parents and children can be involved. With the busy schedule of parents these days, children often end up sticking to electronic gadgets to spend time or binge-watch shows on a mobile phone or television. To make long weekends fun and fruitful for children, here are the top five superb activities. . .

Online learning for pre-schoolers – 8 ways to enhance virtual learning

Online Learning for Pre-schoolers

One of the most significant challenges that parents face amidst other demanding situations is the effectiveness of the online classes for pre-schoolers during the lockdown. With limited social gatherings and excessive exposure to digital gadgets, online learning for toddlers is especially demanding. With pre-schoolers on board, virtual learning invites many hassles in the parents’ lives. Nevertheless, parents, we have listed. . .

Five effective solutions to fix smartphone addiction in children

Solutions to fix smartphone addiction in children

With the increased usage of smartphones, there has also been a sharp increase in smartphone addiction in children. Growing up in the technology age, rightly called the digital era, children are being exposed to excess electronic gadgets. There are many reasons why smartphone addiction in children is on the rise. The busy lives of the parents can be considered to. . .

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