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Aptech International preschool strives to create a smart, secure and stimulating learning environment for your child. Modern-day preschool programmes, finest pedagogy and an internationally acclaimed curriculum offered by our preschool focus on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of your child. We provide age-specific lesson plans for the preschoolers so that they can earn the necessary skills as they grow.

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We assure an Enriching ‘new way to learn’

Children learn best when nurtured to think SMART in a SECURE environment – be it learning from home or going to a preschool. They are happy when engaged in STIMULATING activities. It makes learning a fun and exciting activity, something they eagerly look forward to each day.

Aptech International Preschool’s holistic approach, developed in collaboration with the world’s leading early childhood education experts, a range of curated preschool programmes , a tech-first approach, and an expert team of teachers’ brings the joy of learning to children.

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An imperative need to enhance early childhood experiences

Childhood experts say that children feel a sense of excitement and anxiety when they step into a new environment. Parents also feel anxious when their child starts interacting with this new world at large.

Parents often ask:

My child is so young do I need to send my child to a preschool?

What will a preschool teach them that I cannot?

What is the right age to enrol my child for a preschool programme?

Here’s what the early childhood education experts have to say to parents:

  • Early years (0-6) are formative and vital.
  • A child’s abilities develop 3-fold during these years.
  • Cognitive functions develop
  • Vision and hearing skills get a boost
  • Language ability and numeracy skills increase
  • Brain development research shows children learn optimally in stimulating environments such as preschools.*
  • Multiple learning mechanisms offered at preschools enhance their learning process.

Children learn:

  • Social values through interactions with teachers and other students
  • Personal habits and discipline through the preschool’s structured daily programme
  • Making independent decisions through a process of active thinking and self-discovery
  • To stay happy, to become smart, and builds a strong foundation from the early years.

*Source: Edutopia.org/article May 17, 2021


A world of excitement awaits for children at Aptech International Preschool.

Our beliefs are expressed and experienced through the physical layout of our schools. Each classroom of our schools is equipped with state-of-the-art child friendly furniture. Every choice of furniture as well as the outdoor play and garden areas are designed to cater to the needs of every child. Also, all our preschool programmes attempt to meet each and every child’s individual needs.

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6.8+million students educated
Presence in 40 countries
Over 3 decades of education expertise

Aptech International Preschool builds on the Aptech legacy of quality learning that is thriving to deliver early childhood education with the help of modern-day preschool curriculum and well-crafted engaging early childhood programmes.

We at Aptech International Preschool aim to combat India’s ‘early years learning crisis’, further exacerbated due to the global pandemic. We offer young children in India, an opportunity to learn in a safe, secure, stimulating, and nurturing environment. Our preschool programmes focuses on children’s holistic development as they take their first steps in a whole ‘new world.’ Our daycare and preschool set up provides children with an interactive and stimulating environment to foster the all-round development during their growing years.


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A nurturing environment that feels like home

Parents tend to worry about exposing their little ones to external environments from the perspective of safety, sanitisation, and care.

While parents can school their child at home, they often have to juggle between the pressures of managing their responsibilities at home and work with those of schooling. It can adversely impact a child’s early education and development.

Aptech International Preschool focuses on a child’s early development needs and offers a stimulating and caring learning environment that enables a child to flourish.

Best Practices of Early Childhood Education followed at Aptech International Preschool

  • Tech first infrastructure
  • Smart App for parents
  • A.C.T.I.V.E Curriculum with world class pedagogy
  • Periodic Paediatric Consultation, On- Call Doctors and Nutrition Counselling
  • Immersive learning experience with Augmented Reality sessions and AR enabled books.

Education Expertise

All women workforce

  • A team of all-women teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Helps every child experience the snugness and security of home at their preschool.

Teacher Child Ratio

  • 1:8 for Pre-nursery
  • 1:10 for Nursery
  • because every child is unique

Teachers trained in

  • Early Years Curriculum Delivery
  • Early Years Behavioural Science
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